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Meet your inner perfect/magical/ world

Courses and retreats

Welcome to the most important journey of your life – the one within yourself.

A journey that has a beginning but no end. Gaining awareness, support and assistance is a

necessity to transform your life energy.

For over 35 years, we have developed course processes that take you from unconsciousness to awareness,

from closed to living open, from pain to harmony and self-awareness.

Give yourself the gift of living life to the fullest.


Bliss 1 - Coming home

Bliss 1 is an inspiring journey towards personal development where you are encouraged to explore and understand your inner spiritual dimensions. Through guided exercises and reflection, the course creates a safe environment for self-exploration, promotes self-insight and helps you create a stronger and more meaningful connection with yourself. Come and meet yourself.

Course date 2024

w. 20 May 15-19

w. 48 November 27-30

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field_edited.jpg
Bliss 2 - The art of letting go

Bliss 2 is the immersion course that invites you on a transformative journey whose goal is to help you  to let go of obstacles and lift you to a new level of inner peace and personal development. Also in this course we use meditation and insightful tools that promote self-liberation and help you achieve a deeper harmony with yourself.

Courses in 2024

w. 26 June 26-30

w. 47 November 20-24

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Bliss Couples  - The art of relating

Bliss Couples is an enriching couples course that aims to strengthen and deepen the relationship by guiding couples in creating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with each other. Through meditation, exercises and tools, the course promotes mutual understanding, open communication and creates a safe place where couples can explore and strengthen their bonds.


Course date 2024

w. 20 May 15-19

w. 48 November 27-30

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Heart meditation
Heart meditation in Stockholm
Heart meditation

Thanks for coming!

We would like to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you to all of you who participated in our meditation event with Premleena and Christopher. Your presence made the experience magical, strong and incredibly beautiful.

It was fantastic to share this moment with you and together create an atmosphere filled with harmony and stillness. Your energies and intentions helped make the event something very special.

We feel deeply grateful for your participation and hope that you also feel the positive energy that we created together. Thank you for making this a memorable experience. Extra thanks to Amanda Mursgård who produced this and Annika, Jack and Gabriel who played music - Thank you

Watch the interview with Premleena and Logan Crawford

Bliss: True Abundant Living - on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

Bliss: True Abundant Living - on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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Lena Premleena Wettergran

My passion is that as many people as possible can find the way home in themselves. That gift is priceless. To be able to feel and find meaning in life. To be able to go from just thinking, to being able to feel, to being able to just be... Finding trust in your inner self, getting in touch with your true longing. Blissful living is finding a harmony between yourself and life, where there is no separation, it's a magical journey.... Welcome!

"Pleasure is animal, happiness is human, bliss is divine. Pleasure binds you, it is a bondage. Happiness gives you a little more rope, a little bit of freedom but only a little bit. Bliss is absolute freedom.  You start moving upwards, it gives you wings.”




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