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About Premleena & Om

Premleena Wettergran

My personal inner journey began four decades ago, when my inner self had been knocking for quite some time. A deep longing for something I didn't know what it was. This trip has been magical. Painful at times,  but insights that mine, and all of our insides carry truths, peace and the ability to heal, is the greatest insight we can give ourselves. 

I had the good fortune to spend many years in various course processes, conscious presence and active and quiet meditations. I had the privilege of being guided to India, where I encountered and was introduced to the enlightening wisdom of Osho. His guidance in meditation was a revelation and has since become an inner natural cornerstone of my life.


In 1986, I increased my commitment to Osho's teachings by becoming a certified Osho counseling therapist, Reiki healing master and meditation leader. When I returned to Sweden from India, I was invited to collaborate with the esteemed Bengt Stern, Mullingstorp, where I began my journey and as a course leader in the 1990s. That experience gave me openings to create my own transformative processes, a journey that culminated when I was invited to create course processes at the now famous course farm Baravara. The door-opening courses I created were a smash hit, resonating with those seeking personal transformation. This satisfying chapter in my life spanned about seven remarkable years.

Has also created The Leap at Björnbacka. 


Over the years, I have also shared my expertise through individual counseling sessions and have contributed to team building within sports teams, Sámi villages, as well as various corporate environments. The range of experiences has been immense, each interaction has contributed to my ever-growing understanding of the human psyche. Through a growing awareness...from our mind, home to our hearts and to our inner being. 


I am driven by a deep curiosity to understand and break patterns to achieve inner peace. My own journey started when I started to feel a growing bitterness in my life around the age of 40. Thewas a warninggsklock that made me frantically search for context and guidance to avoid falling into the dark hole I felt I would fall into at any moment.


Eafter participating in an eye-opening course at BaraVara, I realized how events from my childhood stillshaped how I behave in different situations and the image I have of myself. Like a dedicated detective, I realized early on that the solution was not to "fix" my life, but to accept and love myself for who I am. By undergoing a therapist training at Osho Risk, I now have the honor to support and assistco-pilot others on their own inner journey.


With over 10 years of experience, I am still in the midst of exploration, aware that the answers to life's questions are not always clear, and I embrace it as an eternal journey of accepting and loving what is.

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